Practice and preparation help you make the “sale”

PREPARATION is the key to making a successful business and is especially true for developing your presentation skills. Preparation for a presentation involves knowing as much about your customers/clients/audience as you can and how your products or services can fill a need.

Listen and learn

Before you begin, have a clear objective in mind and find out all you can about your potential audience. Ask as many questions as possible, as you should investigate what influences their business in as much detail as possible.

Ensure that your potential customers are also aware of your objective – this means you will be talking to the right people, such as the key decision-makers.

Gain their Attention

Get the attention of your audience and/or client. Grabbing people’s interest from the start should be your priority, whether you are presenting to a group, face-to-face or via electronic media. You need to get attention from the start, for example by asking: ‘Are you interested in making more money?’ It is harder to get people to listen unless you get the benefit across and grab their attention.

Establish the Need

Once you have got your audiences attention, you should then establish a need, which should reflect the research you have carried out on them. You need to be aware of factors that influence their buying behavior, such as price, time-lines, and issues. You should consider what would attract your potential customer to your service/product and then decide how you can get this message across in not more than 60 seconds.

Selling your Service/Product

Once you’ve established the need, it’s then time to sell the service/product. You do this by identify the unique selling points of your product or service and emphasize why you are better than your competitors.

Remember to use good body language and make sure you look the part –— invest money in yourself and dress as a senior professional. It is also critical for success to maintain good eye contact and ensure that your message is delivered as a discussion, with interaction from both sides, rather than a one-way speech.

Be friendly! Most people “buy” from people they like and whom they feel they can build a relationship with. Your client needs to feel that you understand their issues and your service/product will help resolve the business issue.

Listen and look for ‘buying signals’

It can be all too easy to get so involved in your presentation that you miss picking up on signals that your potential customer is interested and willing to find out more.  Try not to oversell your product, and try doing a ‘test close’, by using questions such as ‘How does this sound’, and ‘What do you think of that?’


Unlike the ex-guard from the Philadelphia Sixers (Pro basketball) “Practice – Practice – Practice” is critical to developing a sustainable and successful business.

  • Practice your presentation on friends and family and ask them to give you feedback.
  • Practice your “asking for the sale” and get feedback on how you did!
  • Practice again after making changes

Practice and preparation make a successful Presentation and will help you close more business


About NexGen Management

NexGen Management specializes in providing one-2-one leadership and guidance to Business Owners and Managers in improving the professional management, business operations and financial performance of their business through Executive Coaching, Technology & Operational improvement consulting ( TRANSFORM your business operational performance to reduce your costs, increase customer satisfaction and improve your profitability.
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