Achieve your business goals for 2011 – Review Your 1Q Results

In today’s challenging marketplace, it is critical that you keep a keen focus on your business. As we move to the conclusion of the 1Q of 2011, we need to keep a focus on our business productivity. It is time to evaluate your business results so you can leverage the success and make adjustments to the areas that did not achieve your goals.
Focus on your customer activity and business resources. Review and focus on your 1Q goals and how your sales and operations preformed. A review is critical as it helps the owner/management team to understand how the company attained your business goals and what future actions you need to make to attain the results you desire. Companies that have an integrated business management process to regularly monitor the execution of the company’s mission and strategies achieve the best results.
As the leader of your business, you need to motivate and re-energize your team by developing an environment of creativity and collaboration
• Share your business goals and results with your team
• Create a team environment that’s supportive, productive, and fun
• Strengthen morale and keep employees satisfied
• Inspire your people to reach — and exceed — their potential
• Eliminate negativity, lackluster work, and poor attitudes from your team
• Improve customer satisfaction
Reach out to “stale customers” – reconnect – see how they are doing. Take advantage of the electronic media – Social Media is for business. Implement an integrated business Social Media program where it works harder for you, and help you work smarter day in and day out
• Develop a system for integrating your Business Social Media programs with your day-to-day operations of your business
• Create strategic plans that will provide you with measuring the effectiveness of your Social Media efforts
• Align your business goals and plans with your Media Programs
• Manage your business and your Social Media programs as an integrated program – maintain your “Business Brand”
• Master and use the four “D”s of decision-making: delete it, do it, delegate it, or defer it

Extend your reach; use your professional network.There is a number of options to consider including for fee and complimentary networking meetings. To get started, check out your local Chamber of Commerce and Professional Associations.


About NexGen Management

NexGen Management specializes in providing one-2-one leadership and guidance to Business Owners and Managers in improving the professional management, business operations and financial performance of their business through Executive Coaching, Technology & Operational improvement consulting ( TRANSFORM your business operational performance to reduce your costs, increase customer satisfaction and improve your profitability.
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